At the Exceptional Educators After School Camp we have designed a curriculum that educates a child’s mind, body and soul. We have BOTH an Elementary age camp and a Teen Club. The program begins at approximately 2:30 PM and ends at 6:00 PM. Campers will receive one hour of instruction in each of the following areas:

Mind Curriculum: Campers will receive support in completing homework with certified educators. If the camper does not have traditional homework or completes their assigned homework early, they will participate in activities created to improve academic performance and address the camper’s skill deficits.

Exceptional Educators

Body Curriculum: Campers participate in engaging physical activities created with the support of our Recreational Therapy team designed to provide the daily movement and exercise recommended for healthy lifestyles. This includes mini yoga sessions to build concentration and self-regulation.

Soul Curriculum: All children need their souls nurtured. Children require the prosocial tools needed to grow their self-esteem, empathy, kindness and generosity. Our Social Worker team helps to design daily social skills lessons tailored to meet the needs of our campers.

Elementary After School Camp

  • Kindergarten to 5th grade
  • Camp Times: 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM
  • Staff to student ratio is 1:4
  • Van Service Available at select schools.
  • Schedule follows traditional and year round school schedules with no extra charge for pick up on half-days.
  • We also offer services on teacher workdays and some school holidays.
  • We accept campers of all abilities and have support services available for campers with intensive needs.
Exceptional Educators

Teen After School Club

  • Teen Club for individuals in 6th grade and above.
  • This club is designed to build social skills and to provide homework support from certified educators.
  • Van Service Available at select schools.
  • Members of the club can be picked up from their school or dropped off after 3:30 PM.
  • Snack is provided.
  • Pick up is by 6pm.
  • As a bonus, Teen Club members are invited to monthly “Teen Nights” where the teens are taken on an evening outing at a restaurant and play games like Dungeons and Dragons or cards back at the center.
  • We accept campers of all abilities and have support services available for campers with intensive needs.